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Boat Sitting: safety for your boat

You own a boat and you don’t have time to take care?
Doesn’t matter, we’ll take care!


So your boat don’t look like this:

Boat-Sitting-Plans available
For example:
start-run-wash program monthly:
your boat gets checked while engine/s are running for about 50 min (in-water of course). includes light clean up. No seals are drying out, the batteries will fill up, etc.
After running the engine/s we’ll flash it/them with fresh water of course and everything will be testet like stearing, trim etc. so nothing will stik. If you wish, our boat mechanic can do your service also.

Hurricane approaching? Don’t worry, we’ll take care before and after

Imagine you get back home and simply jump on your boat and have a nice day on the water instead of working on a long “things-to-do list”

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